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Can anyone suggest books/website where I can get to learn the programming/methods to make ccommunication between PLC to Field, PLC to
PLC, as well as PLC to SCADA?
I am aware of basic communication standards such as RS232, RS422, RS485 as well as communication protocols such as MODBUS, DH+ etc. But do not know how exactly to go about systematically in programming these to establish the communication. Any help in this regard is welcome.

Thanks in advance
Like just NODE configuration between to PLC's?

Or you want to see some examples of MESSAGE instructions? Any particular PLC? Let me know and maybe I can post some examples.

I have done Windows DDE to SLC500 PLC using Excel, that might be a good example for you to see.

Chris Elston

david mertens

This would largely depend on the vendor and make of your PLC's and/or SCADA systems. I would suggest starting on the website of the vendors.
Then maybe send them a mail with your specific questions.

Karlheinz Schwarz

Hi All,

SCADA communication is one of the crucial issues in distributed automation systems. To learn more about advanced communication systems (especially those that are standardized) just browse the website:

You may start here:


or here


Happy reading!

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