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Alex Wilson

I am trying to import some tags from an InTouch application for InSQL to log. When I run an import I get an error message 'ww_insert_node_ioserver_topic' at the end of the import. When I check the tags afterwards there are none in the database except for the system ones. I have also had some IODriver errors when stopping/starting the server
(IODriver Stopped with specific error 19).

I am waiting for help from the suppliers helpdesk but wondered if anyone has had a similar problem. I do not have much InSQL experience/knowledge so it is possible I have 'broken' it!

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Dennis Murphy

Dear Alex,

Try logging into the database from InSQL Configure using 'sa' with no password on the "LOCAL" alias rather than the "InSQL" alias. I've seen this one before and switching to the local alias usually works. Feel free to contact me at my email if you have any specific questions about how to set up these aliases.

Dennis Murphy
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