Inexpensive Modbus temperature controller


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I would like to link my pc to a modbus temperature controller using a wireless router in this case a D-LINK DSL-2740R that I've found in my loft. can this be of use?, maybe anyone of you can enlighten me about the simplest way to have that kind of set up or any other one on a low

You would need
- a temperature controller with Modbus/TCP,
- an ethernet wireless access point to plug the controller into
- Modbus software on the PC

If there's a freebie or close to free PC program to do whatever it is your want (View the temp remotely, change setpoint, trend the temperature over time), I'm not aware of it, because for industrial purposes people use HMI software that can handle lots of points. But that doesn't mean there isn't one out there. Maybe one of the multitude of temp controller mfgs has a cute little program and a Modbus TCP port on their controller to match.

Good Luck. If you find one, let us know.

Be sure to check out what means is used to change an IP address on a temperature controller.

One major manufacturer's models have a default IP that can only be changed with a purchased software package ($200 in the US). Change via the device's integral keypad is not possible.