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Alex Goodwin

I need a 300+ cpr incremental optical encoding solution (package or discrete components) that's very inexpensive (<$5), but has a disk smaller than 1.5". Mouse-type encoders just won't do it, but the component costs from the big players are prohibitive.

Have any of you solved this problem before?
Try Agilent (Hewlett Packard). They make a very good line of inexpensive optical kit shaft encoders.

Cameron Anderson

You can also try Harrowe. They have ther E9 that is like the HP one.

Cameron Anderson
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Bob Setbacken

Do you need two channels with index? (Are you going in both directions?) (Do you need to "home?) At this price, I think the only possibility is the HP "Rose" product, but you are at the upper end of it's resolution.

I need both channels, no index.

By the "Rose" product, do you mean HP's reflective encoder module?
Questions about quadrature, looking at Agilent products: Is the output of channel A a direct
indication of motor shaft position? Will a TTL binary rate counter accurately read this channel
and tell me how far the shaft has moved? Are there schematics of the Agilent devices? Agilent's
web site doesn't seem to be helpful and their tech support is even more confusing.