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Jim Simonsen

I am interested in connecting some small touch screens to a RS232 port on a PC. I am thinking of something like the PDA screens that are so common. I need to know if the screens are available and if they can be connected RS232? I also would like information on any software available to control the output to these screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jim simonsen
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One suggestion might be to look into the new small Windows CE touchscreens that are hitting the market. Most of them would connect via TCP/IP, but RS232 might be possible depending on the application software on your PC.

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I guess small RS232 connected LCD/Touch screens are available. However, we try to do away with the PC completely. ZWorld <> has a few products that include 320x240 LCDs, 8x8 touch screens, and one or two CPUs. Check our their OP7100 for a
basic operator interface, or the PK2600 which is basically the OP7100 with a 2nd processor, analog inputs, PWM outputs, digital I/O and three
RS232 ports.


Robert Antonishen

Jim -

I have done some work using a Palm Pilot as a handheld "HMI" using Modbus over RS-232. I did the programming for the Palm, as well as the Modbus master implementation

The only problem with this on the Palm is that excessive serial port use (i.e. poling) use really sucks the batteries fast.

E-mail me off list for details.

-Rob Antonishen

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Johan Bengtsson

Are not the outputs from those normaly giving signals emulating
a mouse? and is that not what you want anyway?

If you find a type emulating a serial mouse and you want to handle
it yourself (ie not use it as a mouse) please repost the question

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we offer a OPC solution for our MMI (HMI) Operator pannels. We offer panels fom Text to visualisation easy to connect to a PC RS232. No WIN-CE needed. Contact us at:

our Adress:

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50767 Köln
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What protocol did you use ASCII or RTU? I'm an avid palm user and I'm looking for a simple modbus rtu interface. Any help appreciated.


Clifford Jones

Narly Software offers a growing family of
"handheld HMI" products for the Palm Pilot
called PocketHMI and HandyHMI. They offer
read and write access to your devices. We
will be adding a new feature called a
"Strip Chart" in the near future.

Then you can collect data with your Palm Pilot
and hot sync it to your PC.

At this time we support Modbus RTU and ASCII,
Allen Bradley DF1 for Micrologix and SLC 500
series, and Mitsubishi FX series.

GE, Siemens, and Omron are also coming.

I hope this helps.

Cliff Jones - Narly Software
I am looking for some touch screen drivers with the hardware which can actually emulate mouse clicks, I have a web applcation up and running and I would like to publish the same application on to a touch screen kiosk, without any modification.

Can someone help.