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yogesh m tapaswi

I am instrumentation graduate and want to upgrade my knowledge about repairs of electronic instruments. I am looking for website which will give me basic idea about repairs of PCB and components etc. Anybody having info plz help. thanks in adv.

Ranjan Acharya

I have not seen a repaired circuit board in years. With all those layers, vias and surface mount things, I have only seen them run-til-failure and then binned. Only old stuff where you cannot get a replacement with a couple of layers ever seems to get de-soldered and repaired.

One shudders in horror with the thoughts of a multi-layered board with proprierary ASIC then years or so down the road that goes bang (or all the smoke leaks out). OEM long gone ....


You may or may not agree in what i will share to you.

I am 37 years old and an electronics engineering graduate. Repairing electronic gadgets is very broad. You have to deal with high voltage, high freq., heat etc. The first thing that you would want to consider is safety. I started repairing when I was only 6 years old and I was electrocuted many times.

Here are the other tips:

1. Know what you are repairing, If you know the principle of operation of the thing that you are repairing it will be easier for you. You have to have the schematic diagrams, in our country we buy diagrams separately because the manufacturer does not provide us with diagrams.

2. You must know the component numbering, You got to have ref books and substitution manuals like ECG or IC master because diferent manukfacturers sometimes put their own codes.

3. You must have the right tool, good soldering iron, multimeter, pliers, cutters and screwdriver are the basic. For serious work you need an oscilloscope, function generators. Of course you must also know how to use them.

4.Read a lot from your local or international electronics hobby publication. I know almost all countries have their own electronics magazine for hobbyist.

5. Build projects to enhance your skill in assembly , soldering etc.

6. Evaluate if the gadget is worth repairing. Gadgets today are so small that it is almost impossible to repair them especially if you are dealing with SMD's. If the cost of repair is worth half of the cost of the new one, don't bother to repair it.

7. You got to have lots of patience and determination.

I have been through many hardships and challenges during my early years of repairing, sometimes I make money out of it but the satisfaction of accomplishing something is most of the times enough for me.

... Be very careful when dealing with TV specially in the flyback section as the voltage in that area can reach up to 20,000 volts. Also When dealing with switchmode power supplies you can get a nasty shock from the filter capacitors even if the AC is disconnected. Discharge the big capacitors first before doing any repair.

The are lots of websites that can offer you a more detailed info. Just search using your favorite search engine.


hi mike,
thanks very much for the important instructions.They are indeed useful.infact I searched good S.Engines but its a tedius job.As explained earlier I am bigineer in electronics so I want basic information like how to test diodes and ICs etc..also I am intrested to build some hobby circuits. I will be thankful if i get specific guidance about such websites..
thanks again. my mail is [email protected]