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Hi all,

maybe it might be interesting for somebody on the list, that a collegue of mine has developped a small object management system running in as few as 128k and up. The system is called ACPLT/OV, is Open Source (Artistic License), and can be found at

The idea behind the object management is to have a system capable of loading application-specific class models at runtime, so you can not only implement a function block system on top of it,
but also other cute things like quality data tracking, etc. The system supports instantiation, inheritance and typed associations and can be explored at runtime over the network without the need to know something about it in advance. We like to call it "the target tells the truth"...

On workstations and PCs you'll need a little more than 128k because of the TCP/IP part, so the object management system can be explored and operated from remote.

Maybe the object management system can be helpful to someone to extend the Puffin Linux Controller even more beyond traditional signal-orientation.

I hope that I've not disturbed someone by this blatant plug.


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