Information about USS protocol needed?


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I need to control 6 AC drives using USS protocol. I will use an RS485 card of a PLC. Thanks for any reply.


Hakan Ozevin

Just go to "" and make a search on USS protocol. It is an open
If you dont want to deal with the details of the protocol, you may think to use a Siemens S7-200 PLC since the protocol can be easily used, as standard functions are already integrated in the optional (but very cheap) SW package "Toolkit".
You can also use the Siemens S7-300 with a CP340 module. But profibus is the way to go. Is this a coordinated line?
You can also use an operatorpanel(OP27)to control your drives (setpoints,start/stop,...) and Simovis(a softwarepackage supplied freely by
Siemens)to add some logic in the drives themselves.
The OP27 uses the MPI-protocol(some kind off RS485)so you can attach more than one drive to the OP27.You'll need however a profibuscard(CB1
or CBP) in the drives.
This setup works fine for not to complex applications.



The OP27 does not support this function.
Only the CE based systems do (TP170A or B, OP170, etc...)
By the way- only the CBP2 for 6SE70's and the new MM4 drive support this
Agreed, only the the CBP2 support this function.

I have a relevant document in *.pdf- format concerning the OP27, and you can contact me for a copy ([email protected]).

Believe me, I've already used this construction and it works.


Waiting for your reply.
I believe you. All of the tech tips I have refer to the CE based OP's. I have only set up the 170A/B to the 6SE70's. But after further
digging, I see the others are supported. Thanks for correcting me.