Information gathering about AB PLC's


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Regarding AB PLC's. In essence, just need to know register structures, I/O variables, etc etc. Don't want to find info on how to program PLC's, because i do that every day, although it could be handy! I guess what im asking is for sources of free info.. ideas welcome. Ty.
How can you be familiar with programming AB PLCs without being familiar with register structures and I/O variables? I guess I don't understand the question.
Yeh greg, i was implying that i know how to program as a whole, not the AB range, although indirectly, theory would suggest that i could.

Mark Sampogna

Go to Search for, then open or download, Publication # 1747-6.15. This is the SLC500/MicroLogix Instruction Set Reference Manual. Appendix F, in the back, is entitled "Data File Organization and Addressing". This will tell you all you need to know for these product families. By the way, your local A-B distributor has a PLC Product Manager who will be happy to get all of this info to you faster than posting & waiting for replies.