Information regarding tag in Control logix over Ethernet/IP


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We are trying to communicate control logix with third party using Ethernet/IP (CIP). Can we get all tags defined in controller without writing any special message instruction to the third party? Or do we need to add some routines with message instructions for communication with third party with specified IP address mentioned in the routine?

Bob Peterson

The Ethernet/IP protocal is well defined in the spec for it. Best bet is to either buy the spec and write your own software or just purchase a driver. There are a bunch of drivers available for various platforms.

There is no need to create a message instruction in the PLC for a remote station to be able to read from the PLC.

It is depend on what third party devices you would like to connect. Can you be more specific on the third party devices?
what brand and type of the third party you would like to connect to CLX using CIP?