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Our DCS is Delta V which is running on Windows NT. I have a question regarding defining a new node in the network and giving it an IP address. I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me.



And the question is...?

The Pro Plus handles the IP address handout. One issue is if you keep creating workstations and deleting them, you will be using up IP addresses. The Pro Plus handles handing them out on a predetermined basis for primary and secondary communications.

Dave Ferguson
Thank you Dave for your reply.
Yes, at present we have to station in our plant(CCR),one as P-Plus and the other is OP.

Becuase in some cases our operators use P-Plus for operation so If I want to add another PC as OP,I want to know how can I define a new IP for new station,I am not familiar with Pro-Plus.Would you please give me more detailed or introduce a link to access it?

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I suggest you get some training in how to use DeltaV. It is probably not the best idea to have them running your plant with the Pro Plus as an Operator station as all of the system configuration database is stored there. It will work but is not Emerson's preferred way to do things at all.

You have to configure your new station on the Pro Plus and then create a workstation configuration file and then install Workstation and use the file you created which has the IP address information on it.
I apologize if this sounds wrong, but it sounds like from the post that you are not sure how to do this and if you do not know how, you should not try to do it until you know how it all works together.

This is not a system that you should delve into without some experience. Emerson offers an Administrator course that is very, very good and should be required for anyone responsible for this system.

Again, I apologize, but I cannot teach you (safely) all there is to know about this function of DeltaV in a blog post.

Dave Ferguson

Please accept my thanks for your reply.

I think I misundersood the meaning of the "Pro Plus" which you stated in your reply, the Pro Plus refers to Professional Plus, am I right? First I read you reply I supposed you to have noted a new software, I am sorry for my misunderstanding.

I'll try to follow the matter with Help file. But could you advise me on the IP addresses? In DeltaV books online it has been stated that "Delta V software assigns IP addresses to all the workstations in the control network" (IP addresses -section). Does it mean that I do not need to define the new IP address for a new operator station?

Now the IP addresses of the P-plus and OP stations are as below:
P-Plus: (Primary Network card) (Secondary network card)
Op: (Primary network card) (Secondary network card)

For a new OP station, can I assign it a new IP address by myself? Or do I have to follow a rule?

Once again I thank you for your kind co-operation.

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Dave Ferguson

The Pro Plus is the master database station in a DeltaV network. When you add a new workstation, you do it on the Pro Plus station. It will assign an IP address in the 10.4 and 10.8 subnet itself (as you can see it does this in increments of 4) but it does it, if you go in and change the address there can be problems because the Pro Plus will no know you did it (there are some things you can do but should not).

When you install the Op station software, one step will be to create a Workstation Configuration file from the Pro Plus. One of the things that this file will contain, is the IP address that the Pro Plus assigned (as well as other pieces of information about the network and system).

Thank you Dave for your highly valued information.
I will try to read the related subject in Help file and doing the job (if possible).

May I ask you to have your email address to be in contact with you?

I know my questions take your time and I am sorry to trouble you with them.

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Mr. Ferguson,
Since our existing system includes two stations, one P-Plus and the other
Operation, do we need a new license to add a new station as Operation?

I do appreciate your concern and advice.

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Ah yes, the dilemma of many industrial softwares and business softwares including DeltaV....................yes you need an Operate license to add an Operate station to the network.

Many on the list will tell you all about the virtues of a free software world where you do not have to pay for anything. But they will charge you for what THEY make with the software.
Each station on a DeltaV network requires a license from Emerson. I do not like it but it is the CDB - cost of doing business.

Dave Ferguson