Infrared Sensors for High Temperature Application


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Does anyone has used Infrared Sensors for detective moving items in high temperature area. I have a application where i have to install Infrared sensors to count the objects passing the point, but the temperature is more than 80 °C. Can anyone suggest what type and make of sensor i should be using. Infrared is the only choice for me.
try using Banner fiberoptic sensors. The sensing lens can handle up to 900f, and you can mount the sensor(electronics) in a location away from the heat. ---EG

Mike Mitchell

Cutler-Hammer manufactures a line of visible light sensors for Harsh Duty environments. The E58 series has a Stainless Steel body, tempered glass lens and thru beam range thru 800 feet in a 30 mm tube. The series also has retro-refective and backgroud suppression models done to 2 " range. I have personally appled the product in a steel mill, and have the sensor mounted within 50 feet of a 2500 degree walking kiln and the sensor has operated flawlessly.

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