Inlet Air Filter Life Frame 9E gas Turbine

Dear All,

We have couple of Frame 9E peaking units with Donaldson Spider web Conical and cylindrical Filters + pulse cleaning system installed. I would like to seek information and experience on expected filter life.
The filter DP does not go high due to less dusty environment hence the concern is over the gasket material and glue (fibre media potted in Plastisol).
Main questions are;
01. What is the shelf life and service life that can be expected or experienced
02. Any information on glue (plastisol) service life

Any information would be highly appreciated.

If you don't have much dust, fog, or dirts clogged in the weather hood, insect catchers or drift eliminators, there's no way the fine filters(cylindrical and conical) will be dirty and it might last for a very long time...check your donaldson manual for the life expectancy of the filters with all external conditions normal.