Input module with opc driver


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I need to buy input cards (analog and digital) which should be able to connect directly to PC (to access by OPC server). If you know such good i/p cards please suggest me.

i/p types are analog and digital
pc interface could be serial, usb or ethernet

Here is a small diagram what I need. Thanks in advance!
What you want is remote I/O modules, blocks, or racks that you connect via Ethernet and talk to via Modbus/TCP. There are lots of vendors that sell this sort of thing. You can use OPC drivers, or you can use direct drivers (without OPC). There are free drivers available, so you don't need OPC unless your application software requires it.

There are lots of vendors for this type of hardware. Here's a list of vendors who are part of the Modbus organisation.

There are lots of other companies (including many major ones) who are not members. Type "modbus/tcp" into Google and you will get lots of hits.