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Pierre Desrochers

Hi all-

We are searching to find an insertion flowmeter wich can be inserted in a 1 inch hole.
The product is fresh water, press=80 lbs
Length is 18 inch insertion ...
Pipes are 24 inches to 108 inches, cast iron to cement ...
We will feed the data to a SCADA system trough wireless link.
The units will be mobile (they will change location depending on needs...)
We need 40 units but what we have been proposed was magflow which are not precise under 0.15 M/min.

Is there another way to do this ?

What about thermal massflow for water ?

Thanks !

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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

For this application you can use Model 500 flow sensor, manufactured by Peek Measurement, even when this model will work only for pipes up to 96". The PVC version for this product supports 180 psi but you can go with brass or SS up to 2500 psi if you need to. Also they manufacture a transmitter with a 4-20 mA output that you can
connect to your RTU and to your radio modem.
Their website
You will find pdf for this equipment at their website.
Hope it helps
Jimmy Saldivias
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Richard King

Hi Pierre,
below are the only instruments I can think of, that may suit your requirements.

turbine meter - These would not be particularly accurate (This is the sort of device I would use in a pure-water temporary installation

Annubar (averaging Pitot tube) - requires a Dp flow transmitter

Ultra sonic Doppler-effect would be ideal, accept they require particulates or aeration to work.

Magflows do not like low conductivities (which would count out pure water installations)
Accuracy 0.018m/s To 1.364m/s = + or - 0.0068 m/s
Accuracy 1.36m/s To 13.64m/s = + or - 0.5%

You need to decide how accurate you require the instrument to be, and what will be your min and max flows for that instrument.

Richard King.
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I know a company called EMCO, USA which manufactures insertion type of flow meters which can be used by you.

Hi all-

You can Try ABB Instrumentation they can offer an insertion electromagnetic flowmeter in either mains supply or battery powered

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Hi all-

We are in India, we have done these applications and many others. As you know the pipes in India are pretty terrible compared to some other countries. You need a good meter to be able to do most applications and we have used all types of meters in the past.

We have a list of meters some of you may want to take a look at
We have done over 3000 measurements with these in the last year.