Install new sub-station for 3-phase


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OK right now i'm having sub-station serving a marine for yachts with transformer 2×1000 KVA 11/415 KV permissible load transformer 640, total MSB

summer = 1639.342KW
winter = 1709.742KW

all that is serving 260 points with load 20 Amp and i need to upgrade this sub-station to 3-phase.

i want calculate the total load because i want make the load for each yacht 40 Amp. please i need the guid lines what i have to do starting from the sub-station to feeder pillar, cables all that and what if i want to control that marine with security system to keep people away from making by pass or any other thing?
Responding to Nemo's 07-Jul-09 (01:33) query... additional detail is required:

For example, what is meant by "permissible load xfmr 640?"

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