installation guide for pressure transmitter for flue gas


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Dear all,

i would to ask some help on installing a pressure transmitter to measure flue gas pressure with working temperature of 350 degrees C. pressure transmitter and working pressure of 0.5 bar brand: ABB
It's a while since I worked on a boiler.

I think you would just pipe it up as you would any other gauge on the flue, making sure that there is little chance of the tube plugging.
The temperature is not an issue, 12 inches of tubing will be enough to isolate the heat.

My guess is a 2" pipe from the top or angled down with a tube connection on top foot or so from the flue. the tube sloping up to the transmitter.
Dear Friend,

To install the flue gas pressure transmitter you need to make a process connection on the stack and weld a 1/2inch plug then install 2way manifold (this manifold contain isolation valve and vent valve). then you need to fix a short piece of 1/2 inch horizontal steel pipe to the manifold with 1/2 inch elbow then you install the transmitter vertically. the process temperature does not effect an the transmitter if the process connection is long enough, but you should make the correct selection for the transmitter in regard the range, diaphragm materials, process connection......