Installation of Ex-ia Converters in Ex-ia Junction Box


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What I'd like to ask is this: I have an Electric Heater on a Methane Gas Purification Unit. This heater has n° 4 TC "k" installed that are used to measure the temperatures inside. The signal coming from these elements must be converted in a 4-20mA HART signal, that shall be sent to a thyristor panel that controls the heater. We have to install 4 converters Ex-ia but we want to install them in a junction box in Zone 2. The junction box can be Ex-ia certified or the converters must be installed in an Ex-d junction box? Maybe there is another thread like this in the forum but I have searched with no results.

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as temperature converters are Ex-ia, they can be mounted in Ex-D JB or even weatherproof JB as it has no short circuit or other hazard being ex-ia. in any case if you would install Ex-ia head mounted converter, rating of head is flameproof OR weatherproof.