Installing a "AB 1784-PCMK PCMCIA" on Windows NT


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I am having troubles getting to get this card installed on this laptop. Is there any possible drivers I need or patch for this specific OS, or anything else I would need to have, in order to install this card? This is the first time I have any experience installing a PCMCIA other then your standard ethercard. Any help is apperciated!

R A Peterson

I think all the drivers you need are installed when you install RS Linx. ASAIK, the card is useless without RSLinx.

Kirk S. Hegwood

Make sure you have the latest service pack for NT. NT 4.0 I've had problems with. Also, make sure your laptop brand is suitable.

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Go to the Allen Bradley website and get the "plug and play" driver for the card. I have used this on several laptops and had no problems.
Paul I am having the same problems you were experiencing. I am using a Panasonic CF-35 and unable to install the drivers. Did you resolve your problem? If so what did you do. Any help will be great. Many thanks Nick