Installing a Custody Transfer Natural Gas Metering Station


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I'm looking to install a Custody Transfer natural gas metering station; preferred meters are:
SeniorSonic (Daniel)
Sentinel (GE - Panametrics) &
Altosonic V12.

For a 6 in. line, max. pressure 500 psig, temp. 120F, available pipe straight run is over 50D. Gas is 90% methane, moisture and sulfur free... Anybody please give me any guess about the approx. cost of metering system, if above meters are installed in addition to flow conditioning and flow totalization equipment.
Hello James,

are there any other corrosive contents or CO2 in the gas?
What about the flow rate?

Any special requirements like offshore painting, retractable transducers under line pressure, temperature below -25°C or special ex-requirements?

Please contact me: thomas.heine[at]
James - Our company designs and engineers custody transfer metering systems using multipath ulstrasonic meters - we provide turnkey engineering - construction - commissioning and startup services.

Company name: Pipeline Controls, L.P.
Contact: Houston - 1.800.586.5565
Houston: 281.586.9600
Lafayette, La: 337.984.5566
Normal flow rate is 21 million cubic feet per day; max flow is 25 million;

CO2 content is between 2 - 3 mole %; no other corrosive gases, Natural gas specific gravity is .63;

No other special requirements.