Installing a Flowmeter to Calculate Gas Quantity and Display Information in Control Room

I want to realise a project of installing Ultrasonic transmitter and display the quantity of gas in my control room, and to know the quantity of the day and month and year.

Need advice about flow control that can display that.

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I'm not aware of a commercial 'panel meter' that collates those totals.

Totalization is typically done in a PLC/DCS/PAC/controller or in an HMI panel, either of which communicates with the flow meter to get the flowrate or total (an in-line ultrasonic flowmeter for natural gas is sophisticated enough to calculate total and report it) and to use some math to create the day or week or year total.

If your plant has a 'control room' already then you need to be talking to whomever programs your existing controls to see whether those controls can do analog (4-20ma flow rate) or digital communication (Profibus/FF/Ethernet/IP/Modbus) with the new flowmeter and what the internal process is to get the work done to provide you with the displayed values you need. Or maybe your plant farms out that kind of work, in which case you find out who the contractor is and start a conversation with them.
I did a project some 25 years ago using Totalizing (Integrating) indicators of KEP. After that the totalizing was always done in DCS using integration function. These indicators totalize the flow based on 4~20 ma flow rate signal. If you need compensation for pressure and temperature, you need a flow calculator.
Need to calculate the gas-flow to 6 turbines by installing a type of flow meter before each turbine. then connect each transmitter to a "single" Calculator in distance inside the control room to display each turbine flow separately, and display the totalization of the flow in day and month and even year, of each turbine.

I need a calculator separated from our main PLC program.

please guide me guys to the best and reliable calculators that can perform both calculating (totalization) and storing data

thank you in advance