Installing a INFI90 IMMFP02 as Backup/Redundant Controller


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Dear All,

We have in our plant a primary controller ABB INFI90 IMMFP02, and we want to add another one as a redundancy, can some one give me a procedure to do that?

I know that for the REDUNDANT MFP Module; the pole 8 of SW4 must be on the position "1".

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The permissive to make redundant is both IMMFP02 shall have same firmware revision.

Set address the same between both IMMFP02, for Primary set SW4 pole 8 to 0, set Redundant to 1.

Configure on the software S+, copy paste module in the PCU. For example your module file now is under Loop1 PCU1 m3, copy m3 and paste as m4 & download.

Forgot the detail, Of course the comm module such as NIS & NMP should also be redundant.