Installing a Non-ABB HMI in MB 300 Network


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We are installing a new controller AC450 in MB 300, but the HMI is the other manufactor. the old Ac450 in the network works fine but now the new one doesn't communicate. Does somebody know if a new firmware changed in the new version of ac450 controllers to doesn't communicate with other HMI directly in MB300?
Hi Antony,

Do you know how does your third party non ABB HMI communicates with the MB300 Network?

The AC450 communicates with the MB300 network through the CS513 cards so I don't think firmware would have anything to do with the communication. As soon as a new node is on the MB300 network, the data is made available to other nodes, but the other nodes have to be told to get that data.

I've used the Novotek OPC MB3 Server to communicate with the MB300 network for HMI development and when adding a new node on the network, the new node has to be manually programmed in the OPC server together with its database elements so data can be available for the OPC client on the HMI side. New database elements would also have to be imported into the OPC client so that the can be accessed though the HMI.

The ABB HMIs use RTA boards to communicate with the MB300 network.
When a new node is installed you need to do object retranslate (among other things) so it can recognize the new database elements in that node, so you can say it's their semi-automatic way to handling this.

I'm not sure if this answers your question, but if you require more information or additional help, you can let me know or email me at [email protected]