Installing Honeywell Experion PKS r210 on a Virtual Machine


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Is it possible to install a Honeywell experion PKS r210 on a virtual machine (win 2000)? if so, can you please provide with any installation guides or tell me if you have done it before.

Thanks in advance.
Here's my anecdotal experience with an installation of Plantscape, a SCADA version of whatever Honeywell's DCS was probably 15 years ago, for what it's worth.

The installation procedure was about 40 pages long.

The configuration of the model PC-server was considered critical, as was the ancillary software.

It took about 3-4 hours to run through the installation process.

The first installation attempt failed because I did not have the exact version of Microsoft Excel that was required for that version RX.YYY of Plantscape.

Obtaining and following the exact installation procedure not only appears to critical to a functioning installation,but having the exact hardware and ancillary software is critical as well.

A license key was critical as well. No license key, no installation.

Eduard Espinoza

Yes, sorry. Only show an install.
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