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i m a student of final yr instrumetation and i would like to know about instrumentation air supply and system used in plants. What are its requirements in industry what happens if the supply fails and what are the possible precausions we take to maintain the supply proper.

Intrumentation air supply should be moisture or humidity free. This is acomplished by means of a air dryer instaled in the main air supply. Also the air must have a certin amount of special oil used for instrument lubrication. Normaly this oil is added localy near to the instrument.

If the air supply fails of course the instrument will not work (i,e control valves, pneumatic atuator etc.) The precaucions to avoid fails is to have a redundant air supply system for example one air compressor in stand-by. Also the instruments should be selected to operate in a safe way in case of fail (normally closed or open depending on the application) If you need more detailed information write me.

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instrumention air supplies are used for three purposes. service air for servicing, instrument air for the instruments like air operated valves, control valves; and masking air for personal protection for working in hazardous work locations.

air reciever tanks are provided as a backup incase of supply failure. proper precautions are taken in the designing itself to maintain the supply properly.