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I have received a P&ID about biogas treatment and I found a symbol which is strange to me. The symbol consists of two circles with a line between and its designation is P2091.

Does anyone recognize this symbol?

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Is there a source for obtaining instrument symbols, preferably in
AutoCad or DXF or shapefile format??

It would have been nice if a bit more information was given such as how and what it was connected to reduce the speculation. If this truly a instrument symbol, it appears to be a pressure instrument. People sometimes use the double circle to represent an enclosure such as an O'Brien box or to represent steam or electrical tracing.

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>If its not there, its not standard

Thank you all.

Yes, it is not an standard symbol. Today, I received an email from the person who has sketched the P&ID and he had mentioned that the symbol represents centrifugal pump!!!!

Unfortunately, some people don't still care about any common standard and only follow their own standard.