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My boss has asked me to create a training program from the instrument techs that is one 3 hour course a month for 2 years.

All I can think of is how much of a sink hole of time this will be to develop on top of my regular duties.

So I came up with a list of potential topics, some which I know something about and some that I have limited knowledge.

Even for subjects that I know quite a bit about, it is still tough to create a syllabus, actual content and maybe even a lab to go with it.

So I have 2 questions:

1. Are there any additional subjects that I should add to that list.

2. Any suggestions how I can get content in nuggets to deliver.

1. PLC Firmware updates
2. Proworx32 to Unity Conversions
3. Serial Communications
4. Modbus Protocol
5. Radio Theory & Calculations
6. Domains & Active Directory
7. IP Networking
8. SCADA Modbus Drivers
9. Programming Standards
11. SCADA Tag Types
12. Security
13. Virtualization
14. Data loggers Systems
15. Distribution Communications PLCs
16. Software Version Control
17. Facility Change Update Process
18. MEBs & Modbus Routing
19. Historical Data & How to verify information
20. Foundation Field Bus
21. PID Loops

Providing a list of suggested topics to your intended audience is a great technique to spur a conversation, 'is anything on this list worthwhile?" or "what else would you like to get some training on?"

If you've got a really good vendor, you might off-load some training onto a vendor guy (and maybe get donuts [the health food nuts are doing bagels nowadays] or pizza in the deal), but you've gotta know whom you're dealing with; caveat emptor. Nobody, techs included, wants to sit through vendor sales power points "lean, world class, total cost of ownership, yada, yada". Our positioner vendor is really good at beginner, intermediate and advanced positioner setup. He does a bang-up job.

Using a fieldbus diagnostic handheld is worth some training. Do you have one?

If you've got something like an analyzer that is somewhat complicated, on the unique side and relatively high maintenance, where support typically falls onto a single primary guy and maybe a weak backup guy, you might use a training session to cross train a couple others, maybe letting the primary guy teach most of it.

You are mute on format - a 3 hour marathon or weekly 45 minute sessions? Or something else?

Do your instrument techs have to suit up for arc flash for control panel access? Has that been covered separately?