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Hi instrument enthusiast can you recommend a book about instrumentation and process control in a petrochemical plant and oil and gas. Here is my email: [email protected]

Just please be aware that several of the books on this site are "pirate" versions of copyright material. As an author, I urge people to purchase only those books that are legitimately from the author's publisher. It costs money to write and publish engineering textbooks. It would be nice to get paid for the work I have done, and I am sure other authors feel the same way.

Information does NOT wanna be free.

Walt Boyes

Walt Boyes, FInstMC, Chartered Measurement and Control Technologist
Life Fellow, International Society of Automation
Editor in Chief, Control and
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Gerald Beaudoin

Right on Walt....I know that not everyone shares this point of view. but as a consumer of any information, whether it's text or music or whatever, I prefer to directly support the producers. It certainly encourages them to soldier on and make available more of what I wish to consume. A security guy once told me that 50% of the people will never steal from you. 25% will steal if the opportunity is presented to them.....and the other 25% will always steal. As consumers, we therefore have to stand up and decide to which category we wish to belong.

As a book author I fully agree with Walt regarding the pirating of copyrighted material. It takes a substantial effort to write a good book and the authors and publishers should be compensated for their effort.

William (Bill) L. Mostia, Jr. PE

SIS-TECH Solutions, LP

Any information is provided on Caveat Emptor basis.