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I am new to working with hazardous area instrumentation and control. For my current project, we have all the process equipment, handling flammable liquids in Zone 1 hazardous area. And the PLC (with IS barriers) is in a safe area.

For this arrangement I have worked out my intrinsically safe sensors and transmitters and PLC/barriers. What I would like to know is what kind of cable I use for connecting the sensors and barriers?
Using a shielded armored cable (not planned for any conduits) for this is correct?

Awaiting suggestions and insights.
Thanks in advance,

Manzar Malik

H Mate - On my current project for a similar scenario I have used normal Dekoron single pair cables (1.5mm2 ind&Overall Screen). To distinguish the IS rated cables from the other cables use a different colour sheath (in my case its Blue). I have not seen people using Armoured cables for IS barriers. Trust it helps..