Integrating De Dietrichthermique Boiler into Satchwell sigma IC-Modbus


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Jibreel Abdeen

Dear All,

I have De Dietrichthermique Boiler control system that I'm trying to integrate with Satchwell Sigma IC-Modbus. The problem here that IC-Modbus is master RTU device, but the De Dietrichthermique boiler control system accesses the bus 5 seconds as master RTU and 5 seconds as slave RTU.

When I have spied on the bus to analize the protocol I found that the demand and response messages not standard.

1 Rx: \021\003\000\101\000\005\150\194\000\000\000

Above you can find that there is extra two bytes at the end of the message, where IC-LON cannot process.

I suppose here that I need a device to take control of data conversion and bus monitoring at one side, while to be slave RTU on the other side to connect with IC-Modbus.

Please advise me how to solve this problem, if you know such device.

Best Regards,

Jibreel Abdeen