Integrating Fuel Totalizer into Mark VIe


I have an INSTROMET Q.Sonic-3 Ultrasonic Flow Meter that was commissioned in 2001 with shared outputs to the Gas supplier and my site, the end user.

The outputs at the gas yard are scaled in 0-20ma for their use. I receive a PULSE that is equivalent to .50 MCF/hr. This PULSE signal has been connected to a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC by way of a High Speed Counter (HSC) card since 2004. This PLC is no longer being utilized.

The site has Mark V Controls that were very recently "migrated" to a Mark VIe. The I/O is still Mark V based.

I am wondering if it is possible to integrate the PULSE given by the INSTROMET Q.Sonic-3 into the newly "migrated" controls? This signal would then be used to create daily and monthly fuel flow totals.

I see that speed pulses are available on QTBA and TBQB as defined in Toolbox. I am unfamiliar with reconciling the differences in the default Toolbox scaling to that of the Pulse utilized by the Q.Sonic Flow Meter.

Thanks in advance for any information that can be shared.

I haven't been able to find the device instruction manual on the World Wide Web, so I can't say for sure what the output is capable of and what kind of voltage it might generate (or not).

I also don't have access to the Mark V Application Manual, GEH-6195, Appendix D (which is effectively duplicated in the Mark Ve), so I can't say for sure which inputs require power or if any can supply power to the pulse generator.

It probably wouldn't be difficult to add the signal to the Mark Ve; the difficult part will be getting it to display on the HMI (since that's where you're ultimately going to want to see/read/monitor the value).

If you can be a little more specific about the pulse signal (is it TTL (0-5 VDC), or?? With that information I could consult the Mark V App manual to see what inputs might be able to use the signal, and then provide some instructions.

Thanks for pointing me the right direction.

The Instromet Flow Meter is sending an output of 0-5V per their manual.

As I am looking through the GEH-6195F I have here, it appears that my time and resources may be better placed with bringing a 4-20mA output into the Mark Ve.

* After I posted this question I was able to get a better view of the field configuration. It appears there is a dual isolated mA output available.

Thanks again.