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Does anybody know about a Real time DataBase software which can have data, history, and alarms from various OPC servers like Delta-V,
Yokogawa CS-1000, Foxboro-I/A, and WOnderware.

The software should have to creat combined reports, and generate dynamic web pages which can be viewed through normal browsers.

Which is better? -To connect Allen Bardlley PLC's OPC server or Wonderware Server

Thanks in advance

Real Time??? There is no such thing in the database world. The speed of opening and closing the connections are only as fast as the network connection to the device - serial or ethernet speeds which are slow. The PLC will need to buffer the data and then request the OPC Server to do an update if you need microsecond error trapping.

For faults, alarms, operator error type stuff the standard monitoring will do. I guess the question is do you want your hand held and use a
pseudo programming package to help you do web pages and OPC or do you want to be a real programmer and implement an n-tier application.

Either way using OPC to dump data to a database is easy using Visual Basic. Once the data is available any web server can connect to the
data and Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or whatever web page package can help build the web interfaces. The problem with the web is that it is not
going to update the page without using some sort of script software in the html code... VIRUS Alert, Security issues, etc - make sure the IT
people are aware of the pandoras box that is about to be opened.

If your interested in a good system integrator with VB and OPC contact [email protected] , they are part of huge retrofit of OS/2 and custom C code interfaces to PLCs and going to web based design.

The other good direction in the area is National Instrument's Lookout package.

John Peters
Try Iconics DataWorx OPC Aggregation software, and Genesis32 along with their Web HMI product.
Simple is the key to success in the control world.. If I remember right - A frame section could be updated while the rest stays as is.. That
could ease some of the disturbance on the screen. Is that right?