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Our client has an existing WinCC v5.1 in three nodes and a Citect HMI in the other node. They want it to integrate the databases so that there will be a common source of database. They prefer to use Wonderware (InTouch and InSQL)than any other brand, to connect both WinCC and Citect. The WinCC HMI is a bit tricky because all hardwares are redundant (CPUs, IO modules, ETs, redundant ethernet cards connected to an industrial hub that integrate the nodes). To Wonderware wizards, any idea what items do I need?


david mertens

WinCC has an integrated OPC server, that could be used to connect to anything. If Intouch is OPC compatible, there would be no real programming involved, otherwise you would have to write a dll to export the OPC values to Intouch. I know of projects where integration with Oracle, Pi, excell and access was realised using the OPC server.