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I have a Dell desktop PC working in WinXP Prof SP2. I want to put two network cards in the PCI slot and I want to put them in teaming mode. The ultimate aim is to switch over the cards in case of any failure in the card/cable/switch etc. I was go throughing the Intel website. I have found the following option for this:

Intel® PRO/100 S Server Adapter - 1no
Intel® PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter - 1no

The WinCC application is running in the PC. Just I wanted to know whether this will solve my purpose or not?

Thanks in advance.

I have used two 3COM network adapters (PCI) and the setup software (bundled) comes with Teaming Options. It is easy to setup and you can have a seamless changeover in case of problems. I am sure your WINCC (SIEMENS) does not know that the network card change over took place because the change over is at OS level. Probably you may use HP make modules also and get similar results. Hope this info is of some help.

Sastry RK