Intellution/Fix 32 and HASP4 Basic Questions


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We have a 32 bit windows Xp system that uses an Intellution / Fix 32 software to run some chemical vapor deposition equipment. The hard drive that ran the system died suddenly and I am trying to understand the licenses. We have a second computer that has the software on it, but when trying to use it says license could not be managed, and only allows us to use the demo version.

Connected to the PC is an aladdin HASP4 license key. I transferred the key to the new computer and installed the drivers etc. The new computer sees the Aladdin key. Separately there is an Intellution program called "Key register" that when I open it it asks to browse for the ".ilicense file". It is my belief that the .ilicense file might be some sort of license tied to the original hard drive? I am not sure and have never worked with HASP or license files, so if anyone has any recommendations on where to start/how to diagnose the issue that would be amazing!