Intellution Fix 6.15 License Key


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Is it possible to move Fix 6.15 license key (hardlock) from parallel port of mainboard to 2nd parallel port due to the 1st one fail? We add new parallel port due to main parallel port fail but when we move license key to new parallel port, it still has alarm "No key detected." This key is OK due to we tested with other SCADA node without problem. Anyone know how should we setup please suggest.

Michael R. Batchelor

Try removing the key, hook up a printer, and see if you can print to the port. Most likely windows doesn't see the port correctly, so Fix32 cannot see the port either.

Once you get to the point you can print, remove the printer and reboot the machine with the key installed to see if that fixes the problem.
Disable the defective PPort and set the new port to IRQ7 and try.
All dogles look for IRQ 7.