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I have 2 tags from the PLC I would like to "trend." I do not want to trend each of these 2 tags. I only want to trend when both are on or have some desired value.

For example, if I have 2 valves, one numbered 20 and the other numbered 21, I want to trend the number of Valve 20 when both are in the divert position. When both of the PLC tags have a certain value, I want to "turn on" another tag (internal to the HMI). How can I create a tag internal to the HMI? Is there a dialog box that I can use or do I have to write a script? If I have to write a script, could I get some examples? I have never used Intellution before.

ANY help would be truly appreciated!!

Please help!
Thank you!
Intellution is made up of several applications that run and/or work together. One of them is the Database Builder. The database builder allows you to create, edit, and delete tags that are also called blocks. It also allows you to create chains of blocks that pass data onto the next block in the chain.

There are several types of blocks for doing analog and digital I/O to and from the PLC. There are several other blocks that are used to manipulate that data. For example, trend blocks buffer data so that when you call up a chart, it will be full of data instead of starting to fill when you call it up. Calculation blocks can
execute equations. PID blocks can implement a PID control algorithm with the computer. Program blocks allow you to run short programs that are written in Intellutions's scripting lanuage. All of these blocks exhist within the SCADA server's Process Database (PDB) and are what you call "internal".

The block you might be interested in (for both iFIX and FIX32) is the boolean block. It looks at values of other blocks, and if your boolean expression is true, it passes a 1 to the next block in the chain. So you can look at the values of the positions of your valves, and when they are both in the position you want, send a 1
to a digital output block or start archiving some values, or whatever your other block is that you want to turn on.

I hope this helps. I have had a lot of fun working with Intellution and I hope you do too!

Chip Hinde
Los Alamos National Laboratory