Intellution interface to Control-Logix/PLC3


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I have a requirement where AB PLC3 and Control-Logix have to be interfaced to Intellution's FIX32,v6.15 over DH+. Though i'm clear on using the available ABR driver, i'm not sure about the interfacing hardware required! Any help and experience appreciated...

You'll need a AB 1784-KTX card for your PC to talk DH+. They are a bit $$$. You might also look at Prosoft "": for a card for your needs. You may also want to consider instead getting an Ethernet bridge for the Control-Logix, which already will have to have a DH+ card, and then you can use any ethernet card in the PC and access the DH+ via the bridge. Check with your AB rep.
If you have a newer PC running Windows 2000, the 1784-PKTX may be the appropriate card for you. It's PCI-based, instead of the older (and still functional) 1784-KTX which is ISA-architecture.

If you're going to use Intellution's native driver instead of RSLinx OPC (which Intellution often licenses) be sure it supports the card (A-B or SST)you choose in the OS you choose.

The #1 "gotcha" I see with the ControlLogix and non-RSLinx drivers is that when a DH+ packet is received by the 1756-DHRIO interface module, it needs to be directed to the chassis slot number of the ControlLogix CPU. If it lacks that target number (most old drivers do), you need to have configured the 1756-DHRIO channel to have a
"default slot" which the module will append to the incoming DH+ message. That's easy to do with good old RSLinx Lite and once configured stays in the module NVRAM forever.

The PLC-3 needs a DH+ card too. List price for a 1775-S5 is.... well, it's *Very Expensive*. Many of the users I see converting from PLC-3 to ControlLogix gradually actually rent their PLC-3 hardware from Rockwell during the months or years of the retrofit.

My absolute #1 suggestion is to get some consulting help from Rockwell on this integration. PLC-3 isn't a system you can learn in a weekend; the stakes are high enough to need some experienced consulting.