Inter Domain Communication Issue in Yokogawa DCS after Upgrade

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Kaleemullah Memon

We have recently upgraded the DCS from CS3000 to VP R5. There are two Domains. Upgrade on Domain-1 was successful. When domain-2 was upgraded i-e after offline download on Domain-2 FCS, inter FCS communication within Domain-2 and Domain-1 to Domain-2 communication is not working.

Also error "Communication Error HISXXXX to DCSXXXX Code 0010" appears after common section or tag list download on Domain-2 stations.

During upgrade, we just replaced the CS3000 Stations with new VP R5 stations on Windows-7 and performed the HIS and FCS offline download.

Need valuable feedback to resolve the issue.
You have, of course, contacted Yokogawa directly?? This is a problem their factory support should be helping you handle.


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Have you checked the IP addresses? Are two domains on on same VP versions? Check if one domain is on older version and other on V5. This can cause error as mentioned by you above.
Hi Kaleemullah,

I'm guessing by now this has been resolved, as Kim mentioned always go back to first principles.

Make a list (spreadsheet, paper, beer coaster etc) of all hosts (FCS, HIS, BCV), IP Addresses, Subnet masks, etc.
Did you change Domain numbers?
Are you using any multi-project (I wouldn't think so).
I think the error will stand out.



What type of network do you have?

How are the two domains connected?

Check your FCS network settings in System View.