Interbus to Devicenet


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Currently, I'm having one SIEMENS S5 CPU with Interbus module which connecting to a AC drive. However, the drive need to be upgraded to Allen-Bradley which using DeviceNet protocol. How can I do it? And what's Interbus-DeviceNet mapping? I'm first time dealing with Interbus...

Eddie Willers

I'd recommend getting a 20-COMM-I Interbus adapter for the drive (it fits any A-B PowerFlex 7-series drive) if you can. That way no messing around with conversion or gateways.

If the drive can't use DPI or SCANport... well, that's a different problem to solve.
Thanks a lot of your reply and it's very useful to me. Can I have your kind favour again whether you have the 20-Comm Interbus Adapter part no. if possible?
Hi Eddie, i just discovered my application is using High Regen AC Drive which Allen-Bradley drive couldn't comply. Could you recommend which drive we should use with Interbus capability without changing the whole PLC system? Or any direct and simple conversion between Interbus and other protocols like Modbus and etc? Please help...