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Recently I did a project which uses the Modicon Momentum Interbus remote IO.

Problem with the Interbus IO is that if one of the remote panel is powered OFF, data for all the momentum remote IO panel stop scanning, modules before and after (ALL) !

If I want to keep Interbus, any workaround this failure mode of the Momentum ? At least the rest of the IO modules that are not powered off should be scanned !

Anybody familiar with the Interbus can provide some insights or advise ? I was told that Phoenix has some product that allow Interbus to be "Ring". Has anybody used this before with the Momentum IBS Remote IO ?

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The Phoenix Product that you refer to is called Interbus Loop products, and is not functional on interbus remote bus networks (momentum i/o bus is a subset of remote bus). The failure mode that you talk about is not exclusive to the momentum i/o or cpu, but is a function of the interbus remote bus networking itself. It is possible to group module using the modicon BNO module to isolate faults to a specific grouping of i/o modules, and Phoenix Contact also has a device that does the same thing. I have not used this device with a momentum, but have used it with a modicon quantum. I would suggest that you contact modicon tech support for more info on the possibility of using the BNO.

Eckhard Mosig

It is not possible to group modules using Momentum I/O Bus. This only is possible with the Quantum or Premium Interbus master modules.
Therefore the modicon BNO module makes no sense in a Momentum I/O Bus system. You have no chance to avoid the stop of the I/O Bus in case of
Power OFF of any I/O module
The Modicon 170 BNO 671 0X Interbus Branch Adapter will work with all Interbus network of Schneider. One of my project has been using this BNO in conjunction with the Momentum CPU and its I/O Bus network.
Notthing wrong.

Kurt O. monnig

Don't power off the Momentum modules. Most, if not all, have a separate power connection for the electronics, usually on the top terminal
strip on terminals 17 and 18. See the wiring diagram for your module to be sure.

This is a "gotcha" with Interbus that no one tells you about beforehand.