INTERCONT PLUS belt weigher power failure


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I have E1 message (power failure) on display when connect power supply. The upper two green LEDs
is on and the red LED in the middle flashes.
I check power on X5 connector terminal 3&8 but dont voltage.when ACK disply and go to Event
message only have one message that is :
L/C input<min.
HOW i can diagnose and find the fault?


Mario R Domenici

First, error message E1 (power failure) of Intecont Plus, was the last fault ocurred, and it was storage in memory.
You must to reset this fault using specific function in keyboard.

Second, L/C < MIN indicates that you don't have
load in coneyor belt, but if it isn't true , you must to tare (calibrate) your scale.

The event message E1 is relate to Q01 parameter
for auto reset it, you must to set this parameter to W2.

The L/C MIN parameter Q11, also you would set to W2.