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Tom Bray

I am interested in automation projects, particularly as they relate to applying PCs in place of more traditional forms of factory automation controls. And, yes, I am very interested in your project.

To answer the Curt's question, yes I program in C, as well C++, a variety of assemblers, ladder logic, flow charts, and a bunch of proprietary script and basic languages (several of which I might not be very willing to admit to knowing).

My official line of work is embedded real-time programming coupled with a lot of electrical engineering and industrial controls experience just to complicate things. My favorite subject is networking computers and devices, closely followed by making things move under computer
control. Over the last few years I have spent considerable time programming flow charts in Steeplechase, so...I have some opinions about
how to do some things a little differently.

I am current doing consulting so I don't have to worry about restrictive employment contracts, but that situation may change in the next few months
depending on a number of factors. Contracts may also impact my ability to have time to program also.

I need to walk through some of the archives and attempt to understand where you have been as well as where you are heading. A few weeks ago I
downloaded the the CVS controlled code but I only took a cursory look at it. I will attempt to spend some time over the next few of days reviewing the project status. If someone has a road map or suggestions on what is most beneficial to look at, I gladly accept the help.

Tom Bray

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