Interface AB ControlLogix with DeltaV MX Controller

Hello Gents,

I'm working in an upgrade project where using PLC AB ControlLogix and HMI Emerson DeltaV Live. in DeltaV side we are using VIM2 as interface between AB ControlLogix PLC and MX DeltaV controller. However we are facing an issue with HMI update time, it is very very slow (4 seconds).
This because data from ControlLogix PLC is passing through VIM2 and then it is read by DeltaV controller, then come to HMI.
Really I'm not happy with this HMI refresh time, is anyone face this issue with interfacing Emerson system?
Is anyone has an idea what we can use as alternative exchange data between AB ControlLogix and DeltaV MX controller?

Thanks to everyone.