Interface to IEEE488.


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Steven Landau

I have run into a project which requires:
Digital Comm to HV power supplies & meters, 1KV - to 10KV for optoelectronics testing. Low Noise picoamp measurments.

Plus the standard automated sequencing, data collection and reporting, and temp/pressure/flow control I normally work with. I don't want to have to use Labview only because of available comm drivers & interface cards.

Can anybody suggest a interface convert from modbus, or other standard PLC automation bus to IEEE488 interface or find a recommendation for equipment which has these types of buses built in instead of IEEE488.

What are some other options?

steve landau

Curt Wuollet

Hi Steve

You don't need labview simply to control a few instruments. Most of the board vendors provide libraries and examples that will do basic control.
Try Computerboards, CEC, the Linux Lab Project for info. The control language is mostly simple strings like: UNLISTEN LISTEN 07 RANGE 01 V 3.84E02, etc.

Hope This Helps

Curt Wuollet,
Wide Open Technologies