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Jim McMahon

I would like to replace an S5 controller rack with S7s but leave the S5 remote I/O racks in place.

Can the S7 (or any other device)communicate directly with S5 I/O racks that use the IM314 and IM313 modules?

Some of the documentation indicate that module IM463-2 might work but I can't find any details. Any help?


Kelvin Proctor


I'm not sure about those particular modules but I've just been involved in a project that has upgraded 12 S5s to S7-400s and kept all the existing I/O modules. So I unfortunately don't have the details but I know it should be possible.

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Hakan Ozevin

With S5 racks ER701-2 or ER701-3 and IM314, you can use S5 digital and analog I/O's with S7-400. IM 463-2 is the correct module for S7. You can find detailed info in catalog ST70 or Siemens website.
You can replace your S5 IM modules by a profibus DP card. Thus you can access your S5 I/O as a Profibus DP slave from your S7 controller.
Yes, it is possible. But it depends upon what type of S5 I/O and rack you are using.

Most of the digital I/Os are possible to use with S7 400 CPUs.

However, CPs & IPs will not work.

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S Datta

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