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I'm thinking of how to interface Yokogawa Centrum CS with Wonderware Intouch. I had searched around for the OPC server, but in vain. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone familiar with this system? How roughly is the hardware interface?

T. Veeresh Prasad

You can do this in two ways, one way is also having Windows O/S as HMI where in OPC is a full pledged dedicated solution, in this case, you need not depend on ACG gateway programming, and also data throughput is quite good. also read and write to the Yokogawa Centum CS is possible via the Yokogawa text-mode communication gateway unit (ACG10S-E). If your data throughput requirement is quite high, then go for our dedicated ExaOPC interface.
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T. Veeresh Prasad [YBI-Bangalore]

Clyde September

We have a Centum Cs1000 interfaced to Wonderware via OPC. Yokogawa have pre-developed a OPC package for Centum - they would be your best bet. The system took only a couple of hours to configure with their assistance.

Clyde September