Interfacing a modicon PLC to a Siemens Teleperm DCS


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Michael Sing

I would like to interface a Modicon Quantum PLC to a Siemens Teleperm DCS. I would preferably like to use direct communications like modbus or profibus. Has anyone done this or know of a way to do this.

Michael Sing

Don Patterson - Schneider Electric

Modicon has many interfacing opportunities these days. Quantum does have profibus interfaces. Call your local Square D office and contact your Automation Specialist or Distributor. Also logon to for information or call the hotline at 1-800-468-5342.
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Rob Entzinger Schneider Automation

The Modicon Quantum has a profibus DP master module. 140 CRP 811 00. Works with Concept, Proworx, and Modsoft programming language.
Rob E.
Siemens is selling a ModBus version of the 1333 communications card. The software is written by Erich Kist. The 1333 is using the same S5KS/S5KE blocks as the ones that are used for normal communication. We use them a lot in our plant in the Netherlands


Dominic de Kerf

Ing. Rodolfo Dotro

You must use procedure 3964R with RK 512. This is the problem. Change it and the link will be ready to use.