Interfacing Arduino with SCADA Systems

1 . I would like to ask if it's possible to actually integrate Arduino Boards with SCADA Systems like IGSS v14.0 and Ignition Maker Edition ?

Components being used:

IGSS V14.0

2. Do I need any extra hardware or protocols to enable the Board to be able to communicate with the SCADA systems ?

Currently, I am trying to run a program to print data to the the serial com port via a micro-USB to USB Type A Cable to the computer. From there, I tried to save the data into the registers using a ModBus Library for the SCADA to read via a Modbus Driver, but it still shows no changes in the data.

I have uploaded the txt file of the Arduino Code


Thank you for replying, Is it possible to use this with Schneider Electric IGGGv14 for this Modbus TCP ?
Yes. Modbus / Modbus TCP is not specific any PLC. In fact Modbus was created by Modicon which is now part of Schneider Electric. I should know, as I worked for them many moons ago :)