interfacing fix software to modbus driver

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i have a problem to make the necessary connection with fix software and modbus driver to transmit data through the serial port.

please can you give the necessary information and procedure to make fix software (fix software is an application software that is part of the Scada system to control and monitor and automate machines through some kind of protocol)?

i hope you can understand the problem and i hope you can respond as soon as possible.
Answer ==> In few of Our Projects, I used Modbus to iFIX Commnuincation. In this case if you are reading the Modbus data directly from the Device, you need to use the Modbus to Ethernet (MBE) I/O Driver in the iFIX station. To convert the Modbus data to the Ethernet compatible, a module called Lantronix(mountable on DIN-Rail) is used.
If the Modbus device having a Ethernet port, you can directly tap it to the Hub & configure MBE Driver to read Data
iFix does also have a 'serial' modbus driver--the MB1. We use it on a desktop PC with a four-port RS485 comm card to communicate with several Opto22 (modbus) devices. Have you tried this? You also need to make sure your comm port protocol matches the protocol on your device. RS-232 to RS-232, for example. There is usually a lot of setup/prep in this regard, and running the proper cable and terminating resistors.

If I had to choose though, I much prefer iFix's 'ethernet' modbus driver (MBE) as it updates the HMI data much faster--comparatively, data coming in from the MB1 driver, even at 19.2K, seems to only update about every 5-10s.